Gender: Part 2

Nan Goldin is well known for their work covering and documenting the life of transvestites. All images are completely candid and taken in a natural fashion. This is done in a kind way that isn’t exploitive but instead informative. Another attempt at breaking stereotypes around gender norms. I attempted to recreate these sort of images myself.


To attempt to keep that candid natural feel, I asked my subject to get their self ready alone without the help of a female, or any other person skilled in makeup or other related areas. I then asked them to pose on the bed in the ways their attire made them feel, along with taking genuinely candid of the process of getting ready.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 00.03.10.png

To me, it’s apparent that people take gender issues way too seriously and should just try experiencing other perspectives in someone elses shoes. As proof, I took my friend and took a portrait of him in his own shoes.img_9910

Then made him appear feminine…


After showing him the results, his impression, posture and even mannerisms changed drastically… and more importantly…

img_9911He had a huge smile on his face!

In my opinion, more people really should try looking at these ‘sensitive’ issues through a different perspectives, and even put their self in someone else’s shoes.. LITERALLY!


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