Picturing the Self

Most of the time, representations of ourself are mostly shown through some form of self image. However, the way we see ourselves maybe isn’t always exactly what we see in the mirror. Sometimes we see ourselves as a product of other things, and such things can’t be seen just by looking at a person. This related to the concept of picassos surrealist self portraits. The way he integrates other items and patterns within himself, which aren’t actually physically there, is an interesting way to represent the self.

Personally, I feel people are the biggest thing in life that have influenced me. Most of those are not through blood, but by means much stronger. I attempted to created a piece, inspired by picassos surreal portraits to portray this. I have done this by using photoshop to blend facial features of those who have had the greatest positive impact on my life, into my own self portrait. I’ve also adjusted the image within lightroom to make it have a purple hue to represent the times they have helped me through, as I have always personally found purple to be quite a sad, yet reflective colour.IMG_9770.jpg


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