Identity & Representation

Like the way Lombroso used the physical appearance of individuals to create a stereotype, physical appearances are still used to represent. This is most commonly seen within advertising. budweiser-bikini-girls-joanna-krupaMost commonly, this is shown through females. The aim is to include another desire of a products target market and include it within an advertising campaign. This is usually of a sexualised nature – relating to Freuds theory of how everything we do related back to our need to reproduce which affects the way we see ourselves. Seeing something that could fulfil a desire, implies that the product would also have the same effect. 56877711377b277f02f30e4f6e0c1230However, the appearances of the peoples used to represent products will vary from product to product to appeal that particular target market. These images suggest people that drink Budweiser prefer a more slender current woman, whilst those who drink coca-cola prefer a curvier frame with a pin up look.

This is pretty obviously not true as there are both male and females who drink either drink and a woman would not sexually appeal to either of them, regardless of their appearance. There are other ways that companies take advantage of gender stereotypes to promote their products.

rs_634x862-130624182909-634.JoshButtonHugoBoss.jl.062413.jpgCompanies also use models to appeal in different ways, although still relating to the sexual nature. This ad is obviously directed to men, selling a mens product but instead of using a person to reproduce with, it uses a person to imply you’ll be as worthy of reproduction as their physical self. This could also be argued for females in the previous images.


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