Prelim Shoot

img_2344eBasic Summary

  • Large aperture to create small depth of field to allow more precise focal point of the image, disregarding all other surroundings.
  • Low ISO to capture a crisp image capturing all fine textures within focal point.
  • Edited into grey scale within Photoshop, along with dodging, burning, sharpening and other basic enhancements to highlight textures of focal points.


With my given surroundings, I found little inspiration excluding the obvious cliched nature shots. However, this one area peaked my interest. Along a long brick wall, there was one singular brick protected by an old, misshapen strip of spikes. The isolation of this deserted object left me with so many unanswered questions, which is a position I strive to leave a viewer in after viewing any of my work. Naturally, I tried to capture not only the physical side of what I could see before me, but also the aspects of its surroundings that left me with those unanswered questions.


Wanting to keep the unusual strip of spikes as the focal point of my image, a compromise was needed meaning not capturing those other bricks that were left unprotected.In attempt to represent the isolation of the singular strip, a large aperture was used to narrow my depth of field, keeping only the frontmost spikes in focus. This allowed me to communicate that feeling of desertion to a viewer, through different, more aesthetically pleasing means. This was then also later exaggerated through the deprivation of colour.

A low ISO allowed me to capture a crisp image incorporating those thought-provoking textures within my focal point. Through photoshop, the clear image meant I was further able to enhance these textures through different tools. I feel this gives my focal point character, allowing it the opportunity to tell it’s own story, through it’d natural form.


For a preliminary shoot, i’m pleased with the piece I produced. I feel it not only opens a viewers eyes to something they would generally disregard, but it also leaves them asking questions, or even being left with a perplexing feeling, as I did myself. This means I have successfully captured that moment of both wonder and confusion, that I desired to achieve.




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