Finding the right viewpoint in photography can be vital to capturing that perfect image. Different perspectives can send a viewer such a different message. Examples of this could be through looking up at/down on a subject, or even placing the viewer in a different position within an image. Here I experimented with objective and subjective … Continue reading Viewpoints


Gender: Part 2

Nan Goldin is well known for their work covering and documenting the life of transvestites. All images are completely candid and taken in a natural fashion. This is done in a kind way that isn't exploitive but instead informative. Another attempt at breaking stereotypes around gender norms. I attempted to recreate these sort of images … Continue reading Gender: Part 2


Often, norms are challenged, and this controversial front cover is one of those attempts. There was a lot of controversy over this image as the model is quite clearly male yet physically portrays many feminine features. With this not in any way being subtle, it caused quite an uproar as many are still sensitive to … Continue reading Gender

Pablo Picasso

During his time, Picasso produced many self portraits, and due to his unique style, no one looks like the other. His use of scattered shapes and sometimes hidden objects represent things he often identifies with / that represent him. During his 'blue' period when mourning the loss of his close friend, most of his work … Continue reading Pablo Picasso